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Kapha is related to the creation of tissue, such as bones and muscles, and is responsible for maintaining cellular structure through the balance water. In general, its role is protection, especially from potential metabolic wear, infections and excessive cellular movement. Among its functions, Kapha lubricates joints, moisturizes the skin and is the basis of the immune system. However, these qualities in excess can also cause problems. Overall, an imbalance manifests itself in excessive tissue production, mucous, and fluid retention.

Emotionally, balanced Kapha is related to serenity, understanding, love and tenderness. However, when it is unbalanced, emotions such as attachment, possessiveness, jealousy and greed manifest.

People with a Kapha genetic predisposition generally have a great strength, endurance and stamina. Their muscles are well developed, their skin is oily, soft and thick, their eyes and teeth are large, and their face is predominantly round. They have an excellent long-term memory. Their sweat is moderate and does not have an uncomfortable odor. They sleep deeply and usually for very long.

Kapha people have a predisposition for slow metabolism and therefore tend to gain weight. Moreover tend to take everything very slowly, which explains their way of speaking. Their understanding is slow, but once achieved, lasts for a long time.

In terms of diet, Kapha people are attracted to foods that are sweet, salty and oily, since these increase their characteristics. Their appetite is relatively low but they have to eat excessively. Its elimination is usually mild, a little pale and oily. They should avoid too heavy meals and foods such as nuts, meat and dairy products.

Kapha tend to have diseases characterized by excessive mucus, such as colds and congestion. When the imbalance is long term, they have water retention problems, respiratory ailments and diabetes.