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Anahata Chakra: One of the energy centers in Yogic metaphysical anatomy. Physiologically, it is related to the thoracic plexus and has a strong connection with the heart.

Asana: Seat, yoga posture

Brain Coherence: Uniform pattern of activity throughout the brain

Breath Coherence: Uniform pattern of activity characterized by steady, deep and long breaths.

Consciousness: Etymologically, to be conscious of something is to share knowledge of it with someone else or with oneself. Consciousness can be thought as the “awareness of awareness”

Coherence: ordered distribution of energy in a waveform, as in oscillatory systems that vary sinousoidally at a stable frequency and amplitude.

Corpus callosum: brain structure that connects both hemispheres.

Ida: The nadi that runs on the left side of the Sushumma nadi. Anatomically, this nadi is connected with the parasympathetic nervous system.

Heart Coherence
: state of stable sine-wave activity in heart rate.  Coupled with emotional balance, alertness, and improved cognitive abilities

Esoteric term used to refer to the latent spiritual power envisioned in the form of a snake. The activation of this energy leads to transformative experiences including enlightenment

Physical action or exercises

Mitahara: Moderation in diet

Tube that carries prana

Nada: Manifestation of energy currents of the heart as a sound

Nadi Sodhana: Yogic exercise designed to purify the nadis. Consists of alternate nostril breathing

Purification exercise of the abdominal region

state of mind characterized by deep immersion in contemplation of the environment or metaphysical energies.

The nadi that runs on the right side of the Sushumma Nadi. Anatomically, this nadi is connected with the sympathetic nervous system.

Vital energy. Scientifically, interpreted as nervous currents

Superconscious state characterized by deep absorption and concentration

Psychic powers, or extra-sensory abilities that cannot explained by known physical or biological mechanisms.

Central nadi, through which the Kundalini energy flows

Swara Yoga:
Branch of Yoga which focuses on the alternation of the breath in relation to human energy structures. Etymologically, the Yoga involving the sound of one’s breath.

Gazing at a particular spot, usually the eyebrows or the tip of the nose

Eastern tradition that promotes deeper states of consciousness, eventually leading to enlightenment

Yoga Nidra:
Yogic sleep. Practice that includes the constant examination of thought patterns, the control of prana, and proprioceptive awareness.