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Ayurvedic medicine is based on a holistic understanding of the metabolic processes of the body and its relation to each organ of the body, and the mind. It is based on precise observations on the functioning of the body carried over thousands of years.

According to Ayurveda full health is attained by balancing the metabolic processes (both catabolic and anabolic), and the appropriate distribution of the energy produced by these processes. The three basic principles are known as Kapha, Pitta, and Vata, from their Sanskrit names.

Pitta refers to the metabolic processes producing energy. When this principle is unbalanced, overheating, hyperactive digestion, and inflammation occurs, which incite processes that lower body temperature, such as excessive sweating and diarrhea.
Kapha is related to the creation of tissue. It promotes cellular structure and protects the body of potential metabolic wear. When this principle is imbalance excess tissue and mucous are produced, as well as fluid retention in an attempt to protect the body.
Finally, Vata has to do with the distribution of energy according to the body needs, and the removal of metabolic wastes. When it is imbalanced there are problems with elimination, and with the nervous system. This imbalance manifests itself mainly in highly variable metabolic processes, dryness in the system, and pain.

Ayurvedic treatment restores balance in the metabolism primarily by changes in diet and lifestyle. In addition, it promotes healing through the use of herbs, yogic practices, and management of the emotions and the senses. Ayurveda focuses on treating the person as a individual. Each of us has different needs in accordance with our genetics and environment, and that is why what is the medicine for some can worsen the problem in others. For example, eating too much food with diuretic properties can help people with a Kapha imbalance, but it is very bad idea for people with Vata imbalance, who usually are already dehydrated.

Here you will find a detailed description of each of the Ayurvedic principles (or doshas). We invite you to take the evidence to determine metabolic processes that are unbalanced, and learn how to restore your health.